Improve Your Skin With Dermal Fillers Perth

There’s no denying it: age comes for everyone. It comes at an even pace for those of us who choose to live healthy, balanced lifestyles. It comes quicker for those who fail to keep themselves hydrated, indulge in tobacco and alcohol, or simply lead stressful lives. Everybody’s bound to look in the mirror one day and find a tired or wrinkled face looking back at them.

The field of cosmetic science has been working tirelessly to address this –and luckily for us, modern breakthroughs have found a solution. We now have greater control over the aging process than ever before, with medical technology allowing for the slowing down or even reversal of the signs of aging.

Most prominent among these are dermal fillers, a method of cosmetic rejuvenation that has seen surges in popularity recent times, and which both men and women across the world are taking advantage of in order to regain control over their youth.

Dermal Fillers Perth
Dermal fillers are often mistaken for Botox, and while the two are often packaged together, they work in very different ways. Botox paralyzes muscles beneath the skin to prevent and lessen wrinkles. Dermal fillers add volume to produce a more full or even look: evening out bumpy skin, filling out hollow cheeks, and even increasing the volume of a person’s lips.

Dermal fillers come in two types, based on their chemical composition. Naturally derived fillers, as the name suggests, are created using extracts and materials found in the natural world. Synthetic fillers, on the other hand, rely on scientific innovation and are made using artificial materials.

These two types come with their own pros and cons. Naturally derived fillers are less likely to yield side-effects, but have last anywhere from six to eighteen months. Synthetic fillers are comparatively more likely to result in side-effects, but can be effective for two whole years. Your medical background may provide some insight into how the procedure may affect you, so to make the most of what the procedure has to offer, would-be patients are advised to consult certified medical professionals specializing in the field of cosmetics.

Generally speaking, the procedure is known to be safe for so long as it’s performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. It’s perfectly normal to experience some complications such as mild pain, facial weakness, fatigue, and dry mouth –to name a few—for up to a few weeks following the procedure. In the unlikely event that these symptoms persist, patients are highly encouraged to raise the issue to their surgeon or attending physician.

In the majority of cases, the procedure also shows results within three days of the operation. Small inconveniences like light swelling and bruising can be bothersome in the immediate aftermath of the procedure, but patients can expect to return to their lives as usual after three days to a week.

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