Improve Your Look With Skincare Adelaide

Dr. Howard Murad, one of the world’s leading experts in skincare and healthcare once said, “aging is a fact of life but looking your age is not”. One tends to wonder who he had in mind.

For most of us, aging means a loss of youth—a dreadful and inevitable passage of time that erodes both body and mind. Sad to say, we’re all bound to succumb to aging one way or another.

That said, there are ways you can delay the signs of aging. Modern skincare technology has made it possible to restore balance and form both to your face and body—almost like a second shot at youth.

A proper skincare regimen combined with state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures can keep you looking ageless even as you approach your twilight years.

Looking for ways to stay young? Botox can help you turn back the clock.

Botox Adelaide
Botox is arguably the most popular cosmetic drug in the market. In 2015 alone, experts estimated a total of 6.7 million Botox Adelaide procedures performed around the world. The procedure is especially among celebrities and women over forty (although it looks to be gaining ground among the younger demographics).

If you’re wondering how celebrities stay young, Botox may have a lot to do with it. Diet, exercise, and proper skincare can only do so much.

How does Botox work?

Botox is a neurotoxin derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing underlying muscles. Typically, surgeons inject the drug in the forehead or around the eyes to treat frownlines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. The drug is also used to treat non-cosmetic problems like bladder disorders, migraines, excessive sweating, and muscular disorders.

It should be noted that Botox, while versatile, can be extremely potent. Notable side-effects are mild pain, dysphagia, neck weakness, double-vision, wheezing, malaise, and temporary paralysis. Although these can sound scary, the drug is considered safe if administered by a trained professional.

Your safety depends on the skill and experience of your skincare professional and the quality of your care. To ensure you stay safe, it’s best to put yourself in capable hands.

Excited to book your procedure? Make sure your attending physician or cosmetic surgeon has the right credentials and experience for the job. Also, surround yourself with people you can trust who can help you get through your procedure.

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