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Cosmetic Surgery Perth

Remember the years of your life when you were at your prime and looked your best? Through the years, cosmetic surgery has given people a second chance at youth. Not only that, it has allowed people to look their best by restoring form and balance to their overall aesthetic. Although the practice was less prevalent in past decades, the field of cosmetic surgery is growing and improving in recent years—no longer do cosmetic procedures look artificial and fake.

Botox Perth, Dermal Fillers Perth, Dysport Perth, Lip Fillers Perth, Cheek Fillers Perth, and Lip Enhancement Perth are some of the most popular facial enhancement procedures today. If you’re interested in any of these procedures or you just want to learn more, we’ll be happy to guide you as you take your cosmetic surgery journey.

Pre-surgery jitters are a common thing. Almost everybody who gets cosmetic surgery feels some nerves before getting to the operating table. Thus, it is absolutely to surround yourself with your most trusted friends and a qualified team of cosmetic professionals. Having a qualified surgeon and staff by your side can help ease any fears of the procedure going wrong. Cosmetic and plastic surgery is quite safe when done under the proper circumstances. Besides, you’ll want someone with the right skills and experience to handle your body.

Before you get started, it’s best to consult a surgeon who is board certified and preferrably a specialist in your intended procedure. A good surgeon will be able to tell you what procedures suit your appearance and recommend the right combination of medicines and drugs given your medical history and background.

Botox Perth

Everyone wants to stay young, especially in the way they look. Youth is so valuable that celebrities work hard to preserve it. If you’ve ever been curious about how they can maintain their youth, it, more often than not, has something to do with cosmetic care. Moreover, skin regimens and healthy diets can only get you so far. If your body is showing signs of aging, cosmetic surgery is one of the most effective solutions.

The most popular of all the cosmetic drugs, Botox is a neurotoxin used to paralyze muscles that cause creases in the forehead and eye area. It is derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

Botox is usually administered via injection to the eye or forehead areas. It is used to treat signs of aging like forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Moreover, the drug has several uses that go beyond cosmetics; it is used for medical problems like excessive sweating, migraines, bladder disorders, and muscular disorders.

Although the drug is extremely versatile and potent, there are some side-effects that come with it like double vision, mild pain, dysphagia, neck weakness, temporary paralysis, wheezing, and some others. However daunting these may sound, complications associated with the drug are few and far between, especially when it is used under the proper circumstances.

Dermal Fillers Perth

Dermal Fillers are similar to Botox in that they help restore youth and remove fine lines. However, they differ in the way they work. Unlike Botox, which paralyzes underlying muscles, Dermal Fillers smoothen out hollows and creases by filling them. Often, the two are used simultaneously to complement each other.

Common uses for Dermal Fillers are the following: filling out cheek hollows, increasing lip plumpness, and smoothening out scars. They fall under two general categories: synthetic and naturally derived. Naturally derived fillers, as the name implies, come from natural sources. They are considered safer but less durable than their synthetic counterparts. Naturally derived fillers last up to eighteen months while synthetic fillers last up to two years. Some anecdotes cite fillers lasting longer than two years but these claims have yet to be validated by hard data.

Dysport Perth

For the last twenty or so years, Botox has been the only reliable drug of its kind. Fortunately, drug companies were able to develop a viable competitor in Dysport. Similar to Botox, Dysport is derived from the same Butolinum type A neurotoxin. The drugs are so alike that neither doctors nor patients were able to tell them apart in double blind clinical trials.

Although the two drugs are uncannily similar, they have their slight differences. Reports from doctors and patients cite better spreading and faster onset for Dysport. However, because Dysport occurs in comparatively smaller molecules compared to Botox, it needs to be administered in larger doses.

The advantage of both drugs being so similar is that cosmetic surgeons can choose from either depending on the patient’s medical history and needs.

Lip Enhancement Perth

Lip Enhancement or Lip Augmentation helps add plumpness to narrow lips. Because the lip area is sensitive, local anaesthetic is applied before injecting hyaluronic acid solution or Lip Fillers Perth to the desired area. The procedure takes roughly seven to ten days to recover from.

Cheek Fillers Perth

Low cheekbones and cheek hollows can be corrected using Cheek Fillers. Cheek Fillers are silicone or fat implants inserted into the cheek area to add definition and volume to the cheek area. They help add structure and symmetry to the face.

All cosmetic procedures should be a pleasant experience. To make sure all goes well, you should find a surgeon who is an expert in your desired procedure. If you’re still looking for one, we’ll be more than happy to guide you. Give us a call and we’ll be ready to help right away!