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While a procedure can be a lot to take in, it’s often a fulfilling and uplifting experience. People who get procedures are often nervous and jittery before they get surgery, fillers, implants, and the like. However, given an experienced surgeon and the proper medicines, any risks associated with cosmetic procedures are few and far between. If you’re looking for a way to regain a youthful appearance and repair skin damages, you may want to consider the procedures below.

Below are some of the things you may want to know before deciding on which procedure to have.

 Botox Brisbane

Of all the medicines associated with cosmetic procedures, Botox is arguably the most known and one of the most effective. The medicine is used to smoothen out wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet.

Botox is administered by injecting the neurotoxin Botulinum (taken from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria) around the forehead or eye area. The toxin temporarily paralyzes or reduces the movement of muscles related to fine lines and wrinkles. While the drug is used primarily for cosmetic purposes, doctors have found it to be effective in treating excessive sweating, bladder disorders, migraines, muscular disorders, and several other medical problems.

However, its effectiveness comes with some associated risks. Patients who are injected with Botox may experience neck weakness, flu-like symptoms, wheezing, rashes, double-vision, dysphagia, temporary paralysis, malaise, mild nausea, headaches, and mild pain. Many of these side effects are associated with unregulated versions of the medicine, usually in clinics with uncertified practicians. Many of these risks can be avoided by consulting a board certified plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon. Trained professionals will be able to assess which drugs to administer given you medical history.

Dermal Fillers Brisbane

Dermal Fillers share several similarities with Botox. Like Botox, they smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles to counter facial aging. The difference between the two, however, is that Botox paralyzes muscles to reduce movement while Dermal Fillers increase facial volume.

The latter is used for the following: smoothening the nose and mouth area, increasing cheek volume and plumpness, reducing acne or chicken pox scars, filling hollows around the eye area, and increasing lip volume.

There are two main types of Dermal Fillers: synthetic and naturally derived. Synthetic fillers last roughly one to two years while naturally derived fillers stay anywhere between six to eighteen months. While there are stories of Dermal Fillers lasting longer than two years, any data has yet to be verified.

Dysport Brisbane

Although Botox holds most of the market, its competitor Dysport is slowly gaining popularity. Similar to Botox, Dysport uses a strain of Botulinum neurotoxin, particularly Botulinum toxin type A (or abobotulinumtoxinA). While the two certainly have their differences, double-blind clinical tests show that neither doctors nor patients could spot their differences when used in cosmetic procedures.

Dysport has slightly smaller molecules than Botox. This means that given the same procedure, a greater volume of Dysport is required compared to Botox. Although the former has better diffusion and a slightly faster onset than the latter, it does not last as long. It should be important to note, however, that any comparisons between the two are still being studied and confirmed.

The discovery of Dysport has given an alternative choice to Botox. Because they produce strikingly similar effects, clients can select their medicines based on quality and price. Given a reputable clinic and a skilled and experienced surgeon, any distinction between the two matters little.

Lip Enhancement Brisbane

Lip Enhancement (also called Lip Augmentation) increases lip fullness and volume. The procedure is effective specially for those born with thin and undefined lips.

The procedure involves injecting Lip Fillers Brisbane in the lip and around the lip area. Lip Fillers were traditionally made of collagen but modern clinics use hyaluronic acid, which yields improved results with fewer complications.

To reduce pain, plastic surgeons often apply local anaesthetic prior to the insertion of the Lip Fillers. While recovering from the procedure, it is common to experience bruising, tenderness, or swelling for one to two weeks. 

Cheek Fillers Brisbane

Cheek Fillers enhance cheekbones and improve facial contour. The procedure is carried out by inserting either silicone implants or fat (from the hips or buttocks) in an incision close to the cheek area. To reduce pain, surgeons usually apply anaesthetic to the area prior to the procedure.

Although the recovery time can take about seven to ten days, the effects are long-lasting with only one to two checkups needed per year.

The most important decision you’ll make coming into a procedure is finding a surgeon with a good combination of credentials, experience, and skill. Once you have someone you can trust, the rest will go smoothly. Still looking for a good surgeon? We can help you out!